The Waiting Game

I had just heard back from a fellow Christmas lighting enthusiast that he would ship the items I had ordered the next morning. I still couldn’t believe the great deal I was getting: a Renard TR24 AC lighting controller, a Raspberry Pi Model B, and 24 vampire plugs to make pigtails all for $100. All I needed to get now was an encloser to mount the board in and some wire to make the pigtails. I felt relieved that I was finally on my way to having a light show this year. I knew it would be a little tight getting everything together, but I was up for the challenge.

The next morning, I received word that the items had been shipped, and I checked the tracking info. They were due to be delivered in two days! I did some searching online for the wire I would need for the pigtails, and was sad to see that it was going to cost a little more than I thought. Shipping for something heavy like that was a lot. I checked with the local hardware stores and discovered that although there was no shipping cost, the prices came out about the same. I remembered what the seller had said about getting cheap extension cords from a dollar store to make pigtails. After work, I stopped by Dollar Tree and found that they had 6 foot extension cords for $1 apiece. I realized that I could cut them in half, use the female ends for pigtails on the Renard board, and then add the female vampire plugs to the other half and have extra 3 foot extension cords if needed. I grabbed 30 of them, just in case some had problems, and headed out.

That still left the enclosure. I checked Amazon and saw that I could get a Cable Guard CG-1500 for about $26 with free shipping. That seemed a little high, so I kept looking. I found other enclosures for between $10-15, but they seemed of less quality. I watched the sale items on the forums, hoping to see a good deal, but nothing was coming up. I decided to give it a few days.

I watched the tracking info every few hours. I know it gave me an expected arrival time, and I knew that it would most likely be accurate, but I kept looking anyway. Just in case somehow the delivery truck made good time and it came in early. I could not wait. Finally, on Saturday, the package arrived. I tore it open and there it was, my first lighting controller.


Now where was I going to get the rest of the things I needed?



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